Irons in the Fire…Update

So I left things back in May has having “irons in the fire.”  Well, that fire got really hot.  Which is why I’m just now getting back to writing.

This happened in May/June:

IPDET in Ottawa, Canada
My IPDET people
Side trip to Montreal

Then this happened over 4th of July!

Seth and Kinsley running by the Swan River in Big Fork, Montana
Driving the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park, Montana
Around the fire with my girls Melissa and Becki
The guys have all been friends for years!

The end of July I led a group on a cultural tour of Guatemala:

Love these people!
By our lake, Lake Atitlan

In August/September you could find me working in Zambia:

Traditional village housing
Visiting one of the schools
Road side vending

In October you could find me working in Kenya:


Beach in Mombasa
Everyone needs a break from work every now and then!

End of November to mid-December you could find me working in Tajikistan:

Cold little fingers at school
Buying sweets at the market in Dushanbe

So you see, life got a bit busy there for awhile. I’m not home yet…currently in Italy with a swing back through Turkey….but that’s another post for another day!

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